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Stress-Free Snacking: Orange Coconut Energy Bites FYXX Health

Stress-Free Snacking: Orange Coconut Energy Bites

For anyone with gut issues, finding a healthy snack that doesn’t leave you bloated is a real challenge! We’ve made it easy for you to snack without stress!!  FYXX TUMMY gives you all the essentials for a balanced digestive system, and is a perfect flavor to create a tasty energy bite.  Perfect for meal prep in minutes, this recipe will also curb hunger and boost energy. Ingredients 3 scoops FYXX TUMMY 1/4 cup rolled oats 1/4 cup smooth peanut butter 1/4 cup plain or vanilla protein powder 1 tbsp. orange zest 1/4 cup shredded coconut + another 1/2 cup for rolling...

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Tummy Friendly Orange Cream Fruit Dip FYXX Health

Tummy Friendly Orange Cream Fruit Dip

Do you suffer from tummy troubles, like IBS, gas, constipation, bloating or even occasional diarrhea? It’s really tough to find gut friendly snacks, that taste good and most importantly feel good after you eat them.  FYXX has you covered! Our TUMMY Powder provides proven gut health nutrients like turmeric, Vitamin D, green tea extract (decaf), prebiotics, specific probiotics and bovine colostrum.  It tastes great and it’s so simple to create a perfectly balanced, satisfying afternoon snack, like this awesome fruit dip.  Use probiotic rich, plain Greek yogurt or any non-dairy yogurt of your choice. It’s only 5 ingredients and you...

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Gut Health 101: How to Support a Healthy Gut FYXX Health

Gut Health 101: How to Support a Healthy Gut

Your gut does more than you think! By now you’ve probably heard the buzz about the microbiome, gut-health and the gut-brain connection. Science has learned that our gut does a lot more than just digest food, absorb nutrients and expel waste. In fact, 70-80% of our immune cells live in our gut1 and it’s now referred to as the second brain.2 Our gut consists of a long tube or gastrointestinal tract, that has over 4,000 square feet of lining3, controlling what gets into your bloodstream.   We host a bustling, diverse group of trillions of organisms often referred to as “healthy...

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A Delicious Summer Mocktail Your Tummy Will Love FYXX Health

A Delicious Summer Mocktail Your Tummy Will Love

Mocktails are all the rage this summer! Whether you’re looking to curb pandemic drinking habits or simply enjoy a fresh, bright beverage on a hot summer day, this Tummy Citrus Mocktail is perfect.  It’s incredibly easy to make and has a bonus of being very low in added sugars.  Most mocktails are made using juice as a base, which adds a lot of refined sugars that can compromise your energy level, health status or waistline. This beverage is made from the FYXX TUMMY powder to get that fragrant orange flavor, which also boosts your gut health with prebiotic fibers, probiotics,...

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