FYXX Tummy Cookies - Oatmeal Cranberry

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Soothe your tummy and your sweet tooth with a snack

One billion CFU's of probiotics, beta glucans and a dash of fiber make this low sugar, low carb, keto friendly cookie a snack you, and your tummy, can take comfort in eating.
  • DELICIOUS TASTE: Rolled oats and dried cranberries are a perfect blend of sweet and tart in one delicious treat.
  • GUT HEALTHY INGREDIENTS: Probiotics, beta glucans and a little bit of fiber make this treat good for your tummy in more ways than one!
  • MADE IN THE U.S.: Our products are made with whole ingredients produced here in the U.S.

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Paula Sachs
Yummy delicious

These are so delicious it's hard to only have one serving... if it does half of what it says it will to help my gut ...i'm in!

Thomas Busbee
Loved the taste and...

Loved the taste and helps my stomach