Health in Your Pocket

Health in Your Pocket

We all lead busy lives, which makes keeping up with your health and wellness goals difficult.  For the estimated 62 million Americans diagnosed with digestive issues, it can be especially challenging to feel well and thrive each day.1,2   

Three major barriers to feeling better when facing gut health concerns are: 

  1. Confusion around information – what actually helps our gut, what makes gas and bloating worse? Do you need a prebiotic? Probiotic? Postbiotic? Synbiotic? 
  2. Time – many healthy, gut friendly recipes require hours of meal prep and cooking, and techniques that only come naturally to a trained chef or avid home cook. 
  3. Dislike of recommended healthy behaviors or foods – if it’s not fun or effective, why do it?! We’re with you 100%! In fact, many gut health regimens feel like they’re meant for our grandmas…  gritty fibers (you know which one we mean), prune juice, prunes, laxatives that leave you feeling crampy.  Ugh, there must be something better! 

FYXX Tummy Stick solves for these!  

It’s so easy to bring with you on the go; add to your favorite beverage, anywhere, anytime 

You can trust our scientific experts & product development team who’ve put together the essential gut health nutrients you need in a smooth and totally flavorless mix. 

These gut health superstars will support digestion, help alleviate occasional constipation, gas and bloating, and offer quick relief for people with sporadic diarrhea.

Guar Gum

Comes from the acacia plant to provide prebiotic fiber, that (seriously!) doesn’t bloat.  Unlike most packaged food added fibers, like chicory root, guar gum won’t aggravate gas and bloating because it’s certified low FODMAP. Clinical data shows that our source of fiber (Sunfiber), is a truly regulating dietary fiber that helps to normalize the digestive system. It is clinically shown to be effective at regulating occasional diarrhea and occasional constipation. Sunfiber is an excellent prebiotic for maintaining digestive health and microflora balance. It is tasteless, colorless, odorless, gluten free, and 100% water-soluble.3 The 5 grams of fiber per stick is considered an excellent source and can help you meet your daily fiber goals.  Americans fall shy of the recommended 25-35 grams per day at an average of only 15 grams.  Lack of fiber can lead to excessive hunger, weight management issues, blood sugar dysregulation, and risk for certain cancers like colorectal.


Too much of a good thing can be a real problem for gut health.  Loading up on random probiotics can actually make gas and bloating worse for some people. Seeking specific strains, in a more modest amount, is now known to be ideal for promoting digestive balance. We include s.cerevisiae and Bacillus coagulans to give you just what you need, and nothing more.4

Beta Glucan

This powerhouse component of whole grains supports heart health, improves cholesterol, balances blood sugar levels, & supports immunity.5 

Caring for your gut can even be fun! We’ve created simple, delicious snack recipes using the FYXX Tummy Stick, like Fruit Dip, Smoothies, Mocktails and Energy BitesHave fun trying these out and feel free to customize with your favorite ingredients. Share with us – we can’t wait to see your Tummy Stick snacks @fyxxhealth.



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